About Karina And Her Healthy Eating Diet Plans

Karina has a passion for good food, clean eating and has studied and practiced as a nutritionist and a healthy eating diet planner for a number of years. The results in her own health and those who consult her speak for themselves. Karina is 47 years old with four children and is often complimented that she looks more like 25 years old.

Karina has competed in figure competitions that have required her to have a very low body fat percentage. She no longer competes in these competitions however she maintains a healthy day to day weight by sticking to a healthy meal regime with a moderate amount of exercise. Karina also has an interest in helping teenagers with eating disorders.

Karina has had great success in helping women and men achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The process involves getting to know the clients specific body type, goals, eating habits, likes and dislikes and tailoring a meal plan that suits them.

Ongoing coaching and mentoring helps the client to achieve their goals. Success is more often achieved with continuous coaching and mentoring.

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Successful story

She changed everything in
my life…

Pretty much my whole life I’ve been living in a total distress. And it was unclear what seemed to be the reason. Up until my friend showed me your profile on a social network. Then it all clicked in place – I was harming my body with junk food and lazy TV evenings. Thank you for teaching me a healthy lifestyle,  exercise and eating.

by Anna Wellington