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Services – Customised Healthy Eating Plan

Get your custom diet nutrition meal plan and eat what you love while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Being an experienced meal planner, Karina has a special customised healthy eating plan for you.

The nutritionist creates a diet plan after analysing your daily routine, food habits, and health objectives. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight, or develop healthy eating habits, we have personalised diet plans that suit your requirements.

When do you need to contact Karina?

Achieve Nutritional Targets

Do you want to make an adjustment in your current food habits to achieve nutritional targets? Karina takes the hard work to create a meal plan that suits your health goals.

Karina keeps track of your performance to ensure you are on the right path to taste success.

If you have some food preferences, then you can talk to Karina and get a meal plan that includes your favourite dishes.


Adjust Food Habits

Do you want your lunch to be the main meal of your day? Do you want to add some foods in your breakfast that give you enough calories without taking your long time?

Karina has a custom meal planner to ensure you are consuming the right amount of calories without affecting your schedule.


Eat Better

Do you want to have a healthy lifestyle? A custom diet nutrition meal plan by Karina can help you eat clean foods that suit your metabolism.

Choose your customised healthy eating plan now and live a healthy life.

Customised Healthy Eating Plan
On purchasing Karina’s healthy eating plan; the following process will take place.

  • You will be sent a questionnaire to fill out in order to gauge your specific needs. The questionnaire includes clear instructions on how to complete it. It is sufficiently detailed to allow Karina to determine all of the relevant information to allow a thorough assessment of your food requirements.
  • You will be contacted to organize the first consult with Karina at a time that suits you.
  • This can be carried out by Skype video or chat, this should take around 30 minutes. You will be sent your customised healthy eating plan. Your first month of coaching and mentoring is included with the healthy eating plan

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