Christmas Dinner Guide: How To Eat Healthy On Christmas

Christmas Dinner Guide: How To Eat Healthy On Christmas

Christmas is the time when you indulge in lots of things with the purpose of giving happiness to others. Most of the times, in this season of celebration and fun, people forget to take care of their health which can lead to various diseases. Hence, alongside enjoying the parties and food, it is also important to take care of your body through some healthy eating meal plans. So, you can enjoy this festival season to its full extent without any physical problem.

For your convenience, this Christmas, we are giving some tips of a customised diet plan to get protection from health-related problems:

  • Do not skip your meal in the morning

Although, it is a good way to save calories by taking less amount of food, yet it is also important to take required meals for the body, especially in the morning, to get sufficient amount of energy for work. Three balanced meals in a day that include fruits, vegetables, oatmeal etc. are sufficient.

  • Your plate should be filled with all required nutrients

Your plate should include the food items having all the nutrients and vitamins. Dark coloured vegetables such as spinach, cauliflower, capsicum, carrot, broccoli, beets etc. and fruits such as apple, banana, orange, kiwi, cherries, papaya etc. are the good options.

  • Make some modifications to your food items

To avoid extra fat and calories, it is good to make some modifications in your daily food items. You can roast the meal items in olive oil instead of using butter and other oils having bad cholesterol levels. The sauces you use should be free from extra amount of sugar to avoid calories.

  • Avoid taking fried vegetables

Fried food items have bad cholesterol in them. Hence, it is good to avoid fried vegetables with creamy sauces. Do not coat the peas, carrots, broccoli with melted butter. Instead of this, you can use steamed vegetables and give them flavour with herbs, lemon etc. In such a way, you can save a lot of calories.

  • Do not wander near food items in parties after taking a balanced diet

During Christmas, there are different types of food items available in parties. There are chances, you eat each and everything mindlessly which can affect your health badly. Hence, after taking a balanced diet, it is better to stay away from the foods having excessive calories.

  • Purchase only healthy food items from the market

Make sure, you choose only healthy food items in the market for your daily meal. You must give place to lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks in your fridge. If you get an invitation for a dinner or lunch at your friend’s house, try to take food items having good nutritional value.

  • Avoid taking drinks having sugar

The sweet cocktails, tonic water and cold drinks are full of calories. By taking a glass of them, you can increase the level of sugar immediately in your blood which is not good for your health.
Instead, you can use soda water which is totally calorie-free. Skimmed milk which is full of nutritional value is also a good option. It has calcium and other nutrients that can help make new muscles and bones strong.

  • Do not take salty snacks or items full of salt

In Christmas parties, often snacks are offered alongside a meal. These snacks have excessive salt in them which can harmful for your heart. Salt in excessive quantity can also increase the level of blood pressure and cause the heart attack. Hence, it is good to take it in a balanced quantity.

For a
healthy eating diet plan, you can also take the help of some nutritionist who makes a diet plan after analysing your food habits, daily routines as well as health objectives. Whether you want to develop healthy eating habits or lose/gain weight, you can have personalised diet plans
as per your requirements. You can have a nutritious meal plan with the choice of your own food while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.