Maintain Your Fitness: How Customised Diet Plan Helps Stay Fit

Maintain Your Fitness: How Customised Diet Plan Helps Stay Fit

Removing carbohydrates from the daily diet may be in fashion to lose weight, but it is not at all a part of the right customised healthy eating plan. A combination of a balanced diet and exercise can help one achieve a fitness goal.

In the modern-day busy world where people do not pay much attention to their fitness, it becomes difficult to develop clean eating habits. Many do not like to plan their meals or prepare them every day. Even if they create a daily diet plan, then they do not follow it in the long run. One solution to all these problems is a personalised diet plan. But, what is the right customised diet plan and how should you follow it?

What Is A Customised Diet Plan?

Sometimes, a personalised meal plan is confused with diet charts available over the Internet. There are many sources online that claim their advice to be the best when it comes to maintaining fitness. Although some of the foods and exercises they contain are good for the health, they aren’t effective for individuals for different health goals.

On the other side, personalised diet plans are unique meals that expert nutritionists create after considering a number of factors related to an individual. They include a body type, fitness goals, daily work routine, physical activities, food preferences, and others. Here, an individual who wants to lose weight will have different foods in his diet from individuals whose motive is to lose or maintain weight.

One of the most advantageous features of a personalised meal plan is that you can ask your nutritionist to make a change in your diet and add foods which are healthy and easy to cook.

How Does Customised Diet Plan Help Maintain Fitness?

A personalised meal plan is crafted by an experienced and expert nutritionist after considering an individual’s health objectives and personal needs. When you consult a nutritionist, you are asked about a lot of things related to your health and fitness goals. After considering these things, the expert meal planner creates a diet that suits your metabolism and helps you reach your fitness goals. Apart from that, you can get a lot of helpful information on fitness from a diet plan.

A personalised diet plan helps maintain weight and benefits the body in many ways. They include:

  • Weight Loss/Weight Gain: Whether you want to gain some muscles or lose some unhealthy weight, a personalised meal plan can help you in many ways. It is because a nutritionist takes your lifestyle and develops a meal plan including foods that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

  • Individual Needs: If you have special health objectives to achieve, then a meal plan crafted by an expert nutritionist can be advantageous for you. Apart from that, such an eating plan can be taken if you are suffering from a medical condition or have developed allergies from some sort of foods.

  • Disease Prevention: A personalised diet plan does not treat a disease, but it can help eliminate the risks of developing a condition. With the help of an expert meal planner, you can create a diet that helps you manage symptoms of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

Customised Diet Plan Tips For Fitness

A well-balanced diet helps you eat enough calories for the day and nutrients that you may require to fuel your daily activities. But a perfect diet does not mean adding some green vegetables and fruit to the menu. There are many things to consider when you are developing a special diet plan.

  • Breakfast: It’s your first meal of the day, so it is important to add some healthy foods to your menu. They should be rich in fibre, protein sources, and healthy fat.

  • Carbohydrates: Whether you want to lose or gain weight, it is necessary to add carbs to your daily diet. As per Karina- an experienced nutritionist and meal planner at Karina’s Healthy Eating Plans- around 50% of daily calories should be from carbohydrates.

  • Snacks: Your snacks should be rich sources of protein.

  • Vegetables And Fruit: They are sources of fibre, minerals, vitamins, and various other compounds that your body require to fulfil nutrient intake.

  • Healthy Fats: Unsaturated fats provide the necessary calories to the body and reduce inflammation.


A customised diet plan is an easy healthy way to maintain fitness. If you are looking for the services of a custom meal planner, then get a customised healthy eating plan at Karina’s Healthy Eating Plans where Karina helps you reach your fitness goal through a personalised diet and coaching & mentoring plan.